Small Plates
Crackling Salt & Lemon Pepper Calamari:with honey-wasabi dipping sauce 9.10
Crisp Chopstick Rolls:filled with shiitake mushrooms, cream cheese with ginger-soy sauce 7.10
Edamame:steamed soybeans served hot dusted with sea salt 4.10
Firecracker Shrimp:wrapped in a crisp wonton with sweet chili sauce 9.10
Tank Sliders:topped with crispy salmon skin & sunny-side up quail egg with fries 9.10
Goat Cheese Tempura:green apple, spiced pecans and mixed greens with sweet chili lime vinaigrette 9.10
Grilled Baby Lamb Chops: served with potato-com-celery salad with sesame apple soy 12.10
1/2 slab japanese style:BBQ baby back ribs served with coleslaw 10.10
Gyu-Negima:tender beef wrapped around asparagus with teriyaki sauce 9.10
King Crab Legs:sashimi style with butter soy sauce topped with tobiko & chives 16.10
Miso Soup:with tofu, scallion and seaweed 3.10
Mixed Greens Salad:with cucumber and carrots in a creamy ponzu vinaigrette 7.10
Seaweed cucumber salad 5.10
Spinach Gomae:steamed and chilled with sesame sauce 5.10
Seared Sea Scallops:topped with chopped scallop & crab on a bed of asparagus with crispy salmon skin and butter soy sauce 12.10
Spring Roll:rice paper wrapped :
Grilled Chicken, mango salsa, cucumber, red onion, calintro with sweet chili sauce 8.10
Seared Tuna, avacado, calintro, red onion with ponzu dipping sauce 8.10
Tofu, avacado, calintro, red onion with ponzu dipping sauce 8.10
Tuna Tartar:served with seaweed, cucumber chips, and ponzu sauce. 10.10
Vegetable and Pork Gyoza:dumplings with ginger soy and honey-wasabi sauces 7.10
Big Plates
Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura:with ginger soy and honey-wasabi dipping sauce 15.25
Seaed Salmon:topped with sriracha butter serverd with rice noodles & sauteed fresh veggies 19.25
Tank Burger:topped with crispy salmon skin & sunny-side up quail egg with fries 14.25
Roasted skin-on Chicken Teriyaki:with sesame seeds served with sweet potato fries 17.25
Somen noodles & vegetables:with a shitake seet soy $8.25
Add Chicken 10.25
Add Shrimp 11.25
Add Tofu 9.25
Steamed Rice2.00
Ongiri - miso glazed grilled rice cakes5.00
Steamed brown rice2.00
Sweet potato fries6.00
Skinny french fries5.00
Traditional Maki
Asparagus: asparagus, mayo, sesame seeds 9.25
Avocado: avocado, sesame seeds 5.25
Avocado Tempura: avocado (seasoned with Japanese 7 pepper), spicy tobiko, asparagus, daikon sprouts, tempura with curry orange mayo, sesame seeds 8.25
California: rock crab, masago, avocado, cucumber, sesame seeds 8.25
California, No Roe: rock crab, avocado, cucumber, sesame seeds 7.25
Dragon: tempura shrimp, eel, avocado, masago mayo sweet soy sauce, sesame seeds 14.25
Ebi Tempura: tempura shrimp, masago mayo, sweet soy sauce, sesame seeds 9.25
Futo: rock crab, tamago, kampyo, spinach, cucumber, sesame seeds 10.25
Kappa: cucumber, sesame seeds 4.25
Negihama: yellow tail, scallions, sesame seeds 8.25
Philly: smoked salmon, cream cheese, sesame seeds 9.25
Rainbow: eel, yellow tail, tuna, salmon, avocado, sesame seeds 15.25
Sake: fresh salmon, sesame seeds 8.25
Seared scallop: seared scallop, avocado, masago mayo, sesame seeds 9.25
Shiitake: shiitake mushroom, sweet ginger soy, sesame seeds 8.25
Smoked Salmon: smoked salmon, sesame seeds 9.25
Spicy Octopus: boiled octopus, masago mayo, scallions, chili mayo, sesame seeds 9.25
Spicy Shrimp: boiled shrimp, masago mayo, red tobiko, scallions, chili oil, mayo, sesame seeds 9.25
Spicy Tuna: chopped tuna, masago mayo, chili sauce, sesame seeds 9.25
Tekka: tuna, sesame seeds 8.25
Unagi Maki: eel, cucmber and sesame seeds 9.25
Veggi Tempura: sweet potato tempura, masago mayo, sweet soy sauce, sesame seeds 7.25
Signature Maki
Crazy Eel: avocado, cream cheese, sesame seeds topped with eel, sweet soy sauce, crushed peanuts 12.25
Empire: spicy ebi, masago, mayo, chili oil and green onion topped with tuna & avocado 14.25
Gorilla Maki: shimrp tempura, crab meat, cucumber & cream cheese topped with spicy tuna and deep fried lotus root 15.25
Hotate Maki: unagi tempura with chili mayo topped with field green, seared scallop,mango, spinach tempura crumbs, red tobiko and sweet soy 16.25
Ika Maki: deep fried calamari with avocado, masago mayo and green tobiko topped with thin sliced lemon and sriracha(hot sauce) 12.25
King Crab Maki: fried smoked salmon & jalapeno, masago mayo, sriracha topped with garlic & egg yolk dipped King Crab with onion, black tobiko and sweet soy 17.25
Lava Maki: tempura battered spicy shrimp, cream cheese, avocado maki topped with marinated crab, tobiko, sweet soy, chives and cilantro 16.25
Latin Heat: smoked salmon, escolar, jalapeno, avocado, cilantro, chili mayo, sesame seeds 15.25
Mi Maki: spicy crab meat with masago, topped with ama-ebi, magno salsa, and cilantro 15.25
Ocean Sundae: shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado, tobiko chili sauce, scallions, sesame seeds, covered with tempura crumbs, wasabi mayo, sweet soy sauce 17.25
Orange Crush: rock crab meat, asparagus, avocado, masago mayo, spicy sauce, sesame seeds wrapped outside with salmon, topped with wasabi tobiko and ikura 16.25
Robusuta: Lobster, fried banana, & red tobiko wrapped inside-out with crispy rice, topped with diakon sprouts & spicy honey mayo 18.25
Smokey Bear: unagi, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber and sesame seeds topped with smoked salmon, sweet soy & wasabi mayo 13.25
Burendo Maki:spicy tuna, spicy scallop and spicy tako covered with tempura crumbs topped with spicy mayo, wasabi mayo and sweet soy 14.25
Nigiri or Sashimi
Albacore tuna: white tuna7.15Saba: mackerel6.15
Ama-ebi: sweet shrimp7.15Sake: fresh salmon6.15
Ebi: cooked shrimp6.15Smoked salmon: wood smoked salmon6.15
Escolar: super white tuna7.15Suzuki: sea bass7.15
Hamachi: yellow tail7.15Tai: red snapper6.15
Hotategai: scallop7.15Tamago: egg omelet4.15
Ika: squid6.15Tobiko: flying fish roe (black, red, green)6.15
Ikura: salmon roe6.15Unagi: fresh water eel7.15
Kani: rock crabmeat7.15Uni: sea urchin9.15
Maguro: tuna7.15Quail Eggs2.15
Masago: smelt roe5.15
Sashimi Plates
Chef's selection of premium cuts of raw fish
Sashimi Ume: 12 pieces of assorted fresh fish25.50
Sashimi Matsu: 15 pieces of assorted fresh fish29.50
Sushi plates
Chef's selection of premium cuts of raw fish over sushi rice
Sushi Ume: 5 pieces of assorted sushi and 1 maki18.50
Sushi Matsu: 9 pieces of assorted sushi and 1 maki25.50
Egg Roll:Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough6
Trio of Chocolate:white chocolate cake, semi-sweet chocolate cake topped with chocolate ice cream6
Dragon:wonton-wrapped banana topped with berries served with white & dark chocolate, and caramel sauce7
Grilled Pineapple & Sorbet:mango or plum sorbet with berries tossed with honey-ginger sauce7
Mochi:Ice Cream wrapped with sweet rice, mango, coffee, green tea or red bean ice cream3
Ice Cream:Green tea, Ginger or Red Bean3
Tempura Ice Cream:Crispy tempura ginger or red bean ice cream topped with whipped cream8
Plum Wine:Japanese dessert wine chilled and served straight up10